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M3.1c: review of the various definitions of HWs and identification of metrics used to define HW composites


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M3.1a_1 m31a_1.pdf

M3.1a_2 m31a_2.pdf

M3.1b m31b.pdf

M3.1c m31c.pdf

M3.1e m31e.pdf

M3.1g-1 m31g_1.pdf

M3.1g-2 m31g_2.pdf

D3.1a-D3.1c d31a-d31c.pdf

D3.1b d31b.pdf

D3.1c d31a-d31c.pdf

D3.1d d31d.pdf

M3.1f m31f.pdf

M3.1g m31g.pdf

M3.3b m3.3b.pdf

M3.2a m32a.pdf

M3.2b-1 m32b_1.pdf

M3.2b-2 m32b_2.pdf

M3.3a m33a.pdf

M3.3b m33b.pdf

M4.1a m41a_v1.pdf m41a_v1_annexe.pdf

M4.2a m42a_v1.pdf

M4.3a m4.3a.pdf

D4.1a d41a_v1.pdf

D4.1b d41b.pdf

M4.2b m42b.doc

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